3D bumpers

Patrick asks about header trailer tires

Patrick has a question about header trailer tires. Here I give him several sources and ideas to give his trailers the cool look he wants.

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Tyler asks if I have any deals

Tyler wants to know if I have any deals. Here I share what I do and where to get deals.

How do you make drivelines? Share your method in the comments.

Tyler asks where he should buy paint

Buying paint can be confusing. Here I share where I buy all the paints I use for the models I spray.

Where do you buy paint? Share your best place in the comments.

Walk asks about how to make drive shafts

Walt wants to know how to make drive shafts. In this episode I share my preferred material. And, an added bonus, check out this video I shot recently answering the same question.

How do you make drivelines? Share your method in the comments.

Blake asks “How do I make a S series IH enddump?”

Retro end dump grain trucks are cool and Blake needs to know how it’s done. Here is my no secrets answer.

Carter asks “Where do I find East End dumps?”

In this episode I help Carter unravel where he can find an East Dump. Easy as 1 – 2 – 3.

Earl asks “Where do I buy stretch kits?”

Stretching DCP trucks can be a pain. Here I share with Earl where he can buy the parts he needs to make his awesome models.

Isaac asks “How to make complex 3D models?”

Jake asks how to build spreader truck