I got my start in all of this by asking many people “how did you build that”. Below are tutorials explaining how various models are made and a variety of related parts. If there is a topic I have not addressed, don’t be shy, ask for it, I love making videos!

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The paint stripping challenge. Here I demonstrate 4 ways to strip paint off diecast in real time.

How to make custom decals using Fiverr.com Part 2

How to make custom decals using Fiverr.com Part 1

How to Use a Preval Spray Gun

How to Clean a Preval Spray Gun

How to make a Haynes Custom Harvesting Trailer from brass

How to Paint White Strong and Flexible Polished 3D Printed Plastic

How to Paint White Strong and Flexible 3D Printed Plastic

How to take apart a DCP truck.

How to make decals Part 3 of 3~ How to make water slide decals

How to make decals Part 2 of 3~ How to make decals using mailing labels

How to make decals Part 1 of 3~ Decals take your model from wow to wicked, learn how make your own decals with this three part series.

How to make a 21′ pup from a DCP Wilson Grain trailer ~ The perfect tutorial for those wanting to create a short semi or a pup for a tandem axle grain truck or regular semi.

Assembling the Generation I Hoist ~ The first 3D printed hoist I had created. While this hoist does not fit DCP trucks it has great potential for creative modelers.

Assembling the Generation II Hoist ~ Learn to add a great detail to your end dump truck by installing a Rockin H scissor hoist. Specifically designed to fit DCP trucks, this hoist add a great realism to models.

Cutting Down a DCP Wilson ~ Here I show how make a 42′ DCP Wilson grain trailer into a 28.5′. This is ideal if replicating a custom harvesting crew or using model semis designed to pull shorter trailers.


Assembling a Moore’s Farm Toys Single Axle Trailer Dolly ~ This video is a customer request. My customer had no experience assembling toys and ordered several of these kits. Once they arrived, she needed help. Rockin H is there for our customers.


How to Wipe Off Door Decals and Logos Off Diecast Models ~ Here I show how to take decals off of diecast models using acetone aka fingernail polish remover


Assembling a Rockin H Single Combine Trailer Kit ~A Rockin H single combine trailer kit is an excellent way to save a few dollars and give customers bragging rights. Nothing like saying “I made this”. Look for a new easier kit in 2013


Installing a Rockin H Resin Grain Bed Kit ~Rockin H has a great reputation for offering awesome grain beds. Learn how to install one of our two resin grain bed kits on your own truck.


Stretching a DCP Semi Cab ~ Whether installing a Rockin H grain bed kit or making a cool stretched out cab tricked out with chrome, this video shows how to lengthen the frame of a DCP truck.


How to Make Silage Racks ~No more secrets! Rockin H reveals how to make very realistic silage racks for model trucks and trailers.