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custom truck and trailer from Diecast Lab

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Rockin H Farm Toys helps you preserve life’s special moments by memorializing them with high-end 1/64 scale replicas and authentic, custom models of the farm trucks, tractors, and implements you grew up with.

Whether you want to purchase a high-quality memento that is customized just for you, or want to learn how to build your own 1/64 scale model, Rockin H Farm Toys is the place for you!

We specialize in creating authentic, detailed, custom replicas for collectors & enthusiasts.

And we offer THE ONLY virtual, on-demand, step-by-step training for model makers and enthusiasts who prefer to do it themselves.

About Diecast Models

What Are Diecast Models?

Diecast models are metal replicas of real-life items like semi trucks, farm machinery, agricultural equipment, and more. Popular diecast models you may have owned or played with as a child include Matchbox™ and Hot Wheels™.

Before 1977, diecast models were made of a lead alloy. From 1977 to today, diecast models are most commonly made of a zinc alloy known as Zamak. (Source: Wikipedia, November 2019)

How Diecast Models Are Made

Before explaining how diecast models are made, you should understand what the term “diecast” (or, more accurately, “die-cast”) means.

Die-cast is a manufacturing process that uses a lot of pressure to force molten metal into a “die” (a form or mold) that is used to make the metal take a desired shape. (Source:  Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

The process of creating a diecast model begins with creating a prototype in clay. This can be painstakingly done by hand, or using newer 3-D modeling and Computer-Aided Design (CAD).

Once the prototype is complete, it is used to create the “die” (the form or mold that will shape our model). The die is typically made of a high-grade steel that will stand up to high pressure and multiple uses.

Now manufacturing of the diecast models can begin. Metal is melted and then forced, under pressure, into the steel mold. After the metal cools, the die is removed and the item is sanded and finished as desired.

Why We Prefer Diecast Models To Other Manufacturing Methods

Not all metal models are die-cast. Metal toys and collectibles can also be made of stamped metal (a high-pressure press is used to bend and shape a flat piece of metal into the desired shape). However, this manufacturing method makes it difficult to create complex structures or intricate details. 

As a result, at Rockin H Farm Toys, we prefer the detail and durability of diecast models because they result in a higher-quality product that our customers can enjoy for generations to come.

Model Scale

A scale model is a “small but exact copy” of an object. (Source: Merriam-Webster Dictionary) And the “scale” of the model tells you how the size of the model relates to the size of the original object.

A model’s scale is written as 1/8 or 1:8 where the number on the left represents the model and the number on the right represents how many times larger the original object is than the model. So, in this example, the original object is 8 times larger than our model.

The most common scales for models are 1:4, 1:8, 1:12, 1:16, 1:18, 1:24, 1:48, and 1:72.

1/64 Scale

The 1/64 scale (or 1:64 scale) model means that the original object is 64 times larger than the size of the model.

That information would be super helpful if you wanted to use the model to create a life-size object because you could just multiply the measurements of the model by 64 and know how big to make parts for a life-size object. But it’s not so helpful if you’re trying to determine if a model will fit in the palm of your hand, on a mantel, or on your desk.

To help you put things in perspective, a passenger car is around 16 feet long in real life. A 1/64 scale replica of a passenger car is about 3 inches.

A semi-truck is about 72 feet long, 13.5 feet tall, and 8.5 feet wide so a 1/64 scale semi truck replica would be about 13.5 inches long, 2.5 inches tall, and 1.6 inches wide.

Why We Prefer 1/64 Scale Replicas

Because Rockin H Farm Toys specializes in high-end, custom replicas for farmers, ranchers, and truckers, it’s important that our products are large enough to include the level of detail that distinguishes each item and yet small enough to fit on a desk, mantle, or shelf for display.

We feel the 1/64 scale models enable us to bring important details from the real-life farm machines, agricultural equipment, and trucks into each diecast model we create to give it the authentic look and feel our customers want, while allowing them to be easily displayed in your home or office.


Where Enthusiasts Become Makers

custom truck and trailer from Diecast Lab

Virtual On-Demand Training
Step-by-Step Lessons & Resources