Five Marketing Tips to Sell your 1/64 scale 3D printed models

Before I get into the meat of this weeks blog post I have a quick survey I would appreciate your feedback on. The model building summit is this Friday and Saturday. A number of people want to attend but for one reason or another are unable to make. I created a short survey to help me make the event better, plus have an opportunity for you to chat with me over the phone. I would love to chat with you for 15 minutes to get your ideas on how I can Rockin H not only the best place to get a world class model, but also the #1 place on the web to learn how to create your own model.

It will only take a few minutes of your time and I am very grateful for you participating. Fill out the survey here.

Now, have you ever asked your buddy,”Do you think this would be a good seller?” That is a question I receive a thousand times per year is seems. Or this question, “I made it and no one is buying it, now what?” I have asked both these questions myself and have come up with answers it is time to share with you.

This was initiated by Colin who created a really cool 3D printed item and buyers did not flock to it when it was for sale. No bueno. Here are 5 things I have done to help sales of my 3D printed items. The heavy lifting of selling is still on me the creator but these extras will enhance your store visually, make it easier for buyers to see all the items for a build, and increase your credibility and trust.

Watch the video then leave a comment or question in the comment box.