3 Reason I am Afraid of Success… or is it Uncertainty?

Aspiring entrepreneurs, love to have your thoughts on this idea.

I started Rockin H because one, I was amazed people liked wheat harvest and cool models as much as I do. It has been refreshing to discover I am not alone.  Another reason to have created this business is the entrepreneur in me. I have a great job with great coworkers, flexible time, descent benefits etc. But what I crave is freedom. When the weather is perfect and begging for a five mile run, I want to go run. On a hot day and the pool is begging my kids to jump in it. I want to jump with them. A million selfish reasons.

  1. But I’m afraid. I’m afraid I don’t know what Rockin H will be when it is “successful”. How will I know it has arrived?  I’m working tirelessly growing this business but the end is not a clear picture. Add to that all the self talk that is of no use such as: “Well so and so has been in the business for years and has not shed his day job. If they can’t do it how can I.” Clearly unproductive thinking but very real, at least for me.
  2. I’m afraid I do not have capacity to maintain this long term. My brain works like Hammy from Over the Hedge. I have a vibrant imagination which is brilliant for idea, not so great at execution. If people only knew how many hair brained ideas I have had for businesses it would be quite humorous.
  3. I’m afraid at what this business will ask me to do. Frankly I am totally unsure how I will change from today into the demands of tomorrow. Like attending a university or moving to a new town, different, changes us.

Pealing back what appears to be fear I have found an underlying theme, uncertainty. I am doing something I daydreamed about for years do not know how to do. Not to mention ups and downs in sales and the rest. For example, for all of December and going into the new year I’ve been wigging out due to sales being sporadic and a pretty ambitious schedule of creating 3D projects, paying my bookkeeper and creating models for toy shows. Lots of upfront dollars, largely financed, and not much income, I was freaking out.

But what I have discovered is a lack of a plan. Eric, write the **** down and get creative selling. Duhhh. I’m taking a trip into foreign country with no map. It’s no wonder I stressed out. Each time I write down a “to do” list and begin checking off tasks that need to be done I feel a bit more in control. I paid a consultant for a 2 hour planning session at the end of 2013 and began mapping out the objectives for 2014 and felt a huge sense of direction.

This year my goal is to plan more. Not so much I lose spontaneity, but exclusively to live in peace knowing I am going to achieve my goal. This will not come easy as I am not a great long term planner, but it is necessary. Time to take action. Time to be bold. Time to live without fear. Time to achieve success.

After reading this share what your plan for 2014 is. Is fear or uncertainty going to keep from achieving a goal? Thanks for sharing.