3D Printing the Smart Way ~ How its done…

Updated September 2019

3D Printing the Smart Way

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For the curious subscribers about 3D printing Shapeways.com released the great video that shows how many Rockin H products are created. I am a fan of the versatile plastics. The plastics are remarkably strong and take paint excellent.

Only one concern would be the finish as some model builders prefer a smooth finish and versatile plastics are not smooth but consistent with 400 grit sand paper. A couple work arounds for this plastic is to sand the parts smooth, a process I have not chosen to do yet. The easiest work around is to add copious coats of paint. Five or more would not be completely out of line to level out the rough texture and give a smoother, not perfectly smooth, finish.

Going Behind the Scenes

Take a few moments and to see how the MA, AS and a variety of Rockin H Products are created with the Shapeways 3D printers. Then click over to the Rockin H Shapeways store and order your parts to make your own custom high end model.

I’ve said 3D printing is the wild west and it is changing fast. Shapeways had a price increase and I explain it all next, read on: Shapeways Price Increase Explained

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