5 Ways to Start a Business, I’ve tested all 5

“If you are not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.” Sir Ken Robinson ~ One of my favorite authors and speakers.

In my business there are hundreds of people doing essentially the same thing, making and selling models. A person may be shy to get into this or any somewhat competitive business. We can be scared to do something magnificent as the fear of “will it sell” or “will they buy” can be overwhelming. Especially in a pool that is perceived to be small.

What is happening though is exactly opposite of what I just wrote. The pool is not small and competition is not that scary if the work is worthwhile. Below are 5 ways to start your business and win.

  1. Be wrong, a lot. Many of the ideas I have fail, at least a little bit. The art of finding your niche can be painful but unless we try, nothing changes and dreams stay dreams. I have tried several different 3D projects or promotions to have lack luster or no results. The genius of each of these experiments is I have been able to learn what works. Or better yet, modify the wrong idea until it becomes a good idea. It takes passion and persistence but failure can be fruitful.
  2. Decide who your customer is (read more about that here). Defining who we want to sell to is a key to winning. Why? If we try to sell to everyone only mediocre ordinary items will be made for mediocre prices. Find customers that connect to our story and ideas are willing to pay for art. Not just for the piece we will make them, but also for the story behind the piece.
  3. Create art that tells a story. Yes our hand crafted models are art. Not toys, art. To the average guy yes we make toys. If step 2 is followed, you are not selling to the average person average stuff. We sell art to people who appreciate our art. Find the item you are most passionate about and the art will come out of you naturally along with a story others want to hear and buy.
  4. Find the niche. What is that item and medium that lights your heart on fire. Not just interesting but fire. Roaring fire. I love wheat harvest. Not just kind of like it, no, LOVE it. The machines, the people, the models all of it. My love for it boarders on insanity according to my family but I totally cannot help it. This is my niche and people that love wheat harvest as much as I do are my customers. This is the type of thing you need to find and embrace it fully.
  5. Start. Today! There will never be a perfect time to start, so start today. Kind of like having children. There will not be enough money time and resources to embrace a family. So start. A business does not need a big budget nor big resources. Many things can be created for very little and grown as you go. If your dream is really what you want to chase, the resources you need will appear as you go when you least expect. Read my post 1999 was great time to be born. I gave some great ideas on how to start your business with virtually no money! So start!

These five steps will not ensure instant success. If I have learned anything is that the cliché “if it were easy everyone would be doing it” is true. What I am writing is for the people who can see something else in the future than the status quo. That need to follow a dream because it is bigger and better than most people can image.

I find myself in a beautiful position where I can take risks and fail without crashing, to come up with something original for a few people who love what I have to say and create. I hope after reading this you will take a chance to be wrong. To start following the 5 steps I am living and make a difference in your own life so that you can be alive.

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