This guide includes blog posts and links to useful content to help 1.64 modelers create products and parts that do not exist. The best benefit, a person does not need to own a 3D printer. Walk through each module and learn how to hire designers, what to include for design, where to print, design software, and much more.

Module 1 – I can’t afford a 3d Printer, now what? – Is buying a 3D printer right for me? The internet would have us believe so. Explore other options here.

Module 2 – 3D Printing with no design skills – Many people are scared to try printing due to no skill with engineering software. Luckily there are people we can hire to do that for us. 

Module 3 – 21 Tips for Hiring a 3D designer – Real 3D designers share what they want when they are hired to do work. Learn from the pros to ensure designs are done efficiently and right the first time.

Module 4 – Where to print when we don’t own a printer – Explore one of the most popular 3D printing services on the web,

Module 5 – Selling 3D prints without a website – Some online printing services allow users to create their own store to sell designs. This eliminates the need for a conventional website which is very good.

Module 6 – Shapeways vs. i.materialise ~ a comparison – Learn the pros and cons of two popular online 3D printing services. 

Module 7 – Can I make a business out of 3D printing?

Module 8 – Opening a Shapeways store – coming 

More great resources inside.