Decals take a model from wow to wicked and make models personal and real. The easiest way to get decals is to buy them from one of the vendors on the parts list. For DIY situations the resources below will help each person get what they want.

Decals A-Z Series this 3 parts series layouts important information to DIY awesome decals.
How to get custom art work for those that do not know how to use graphic art software, freelancers around the world are happy to work for you economically. This two part series shows step by step how to hire and buy great graphic art for decals.
Removing Decals
this two part series show how to remove decals and….stubborn decals without repainting a model.
Resizing decals & print templates once we get great art we need to resize it for 1/64 models. Here are several templates to download for art work. Plus a video tutorial showing how to resize art. Included are bonus files of print ready decals.