Interview with Paul of Haynes Custom Harvesting Plus Awesome Models

Once again I have another video I think you will enjoy. On May 18 I had the great pleasure to interview Paul Nibby from England  in Vernon Texas. Paul has been on harvest with Haynes Custom Harvesting off and on since 1984! He is also the gentleman that kick started my interest in 3D printing which has lead to some amazing models I had the pleasure of hand delivering.  Not only did I  get a great interview, I also shot the real trucks in action and took a few stills of the models and trucks together. I can’t even tell you how much fun I had and I think Paul matches me in my love of all things harvesting. It was so awesome to be able to see the real life machine and the models I made together.

Big thank you to Paul, he was patient as I experimented with his models, was gracious to be interviewed, set up a place in the bunk trailer for me to stay, and was incredibly hospitable. It is a great pleasure to serve awesome customers like you.

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Enjoy, Eric