My interview with Kevin Bein of Gleaner S77 Fame plus a bonus video

Way back in February of 2013 I had went to the U.S. Custom Harvesters Convention and the Ag Connect Farm Show in Kansas City. It was great fun and I managed to get an interview with none other than Kevin Bein who is the main pitch man for the Gleaner S77 and has been with Gleaner for several decades. I am so grateful he was willing to share a bit of his time with me and now Rockin H fans.

Before anyone gets excited for a big reveal of secrets I’ll disclose up front my camera died half way through. So all you get is basic information on the combine. However! He did say big news is in store of August 2013. I asked specifically about a S88 and he did not say yep it is coming but he said yep it is coming if that makes sense.  Enjoy!

Bonus video fro the Ag Connect Conference. A group of ladies saw me with my camera and said “let’s make a video” and I said “of course!” A very impromptu video explaining Check it out.