Office Supplies and Custom Harvesting Models

I can hardly express how interesting and blessed this year has been owning and operating Rockin H Farm Toys. This company is still an infant and just over a year old as a legitimate business.

I think the most interesting part of this adventure has been is all that I have learned in this time. It has been huge and great fun to try a new idea or employ something different to in an effort to grow and become sustainable. It has been crazy insane.

Better than learning is being able to share all this knowledge with the world and connect with great people along the way. From a tutorial video, blog post, email, or phone call it is a great delight to help people however I can with meaningful information and ideas.

A case in point, and unrelated to models, I was at the local office supply store buying paper for my day job. The clerk, who both my wife and I are acquainted, was bemoaning Obama care and the need to increase her income etc etc. Immediately my mind went to the web and I began my diatribe my son now rolls his eyes to each time he hears me say it. To summarize my comments, I told her that “you have skills or some interest you can market, with the power of the internet you can connect your ideas with anyone in the world with very little or even no money! No idea is too weird or strange anymore, the only person that can tell you “No” is you.”

Our brief conversation may not seem like much but I could see hope in her eyes. This person I met that day had essentially run out of ideas, she had lost hope in a future that could more than ordinary. This was so monumental because Rockin H gave me the ability to take the ideas I am using to grow and spread them to others.  And Rockin H would not exist without readers like you who drive me to create, read, explore, fail, learn, try again, connect, and bring memories to life.

Without the support of machinery super freaks, hobbyists, and so many that share our common interest Rockin H would not be what it is becoming. For all you I am so grateful.

I wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving.