We love photos at Rockin H. Take a tour of all the possibilities our products offer. From elaborate to simple designs the only limitation is imagination. Don’t worry, I too said “how on earth do they do it?” I never would have dreamed my hands could make what I saw others create and now make it better. If you see a model and want to create your own, buy products in the shop then see how I make it in the diecastlab. If I not made the right tutorial yet, ask me and it will be moved to the top of my to-do list. 


Big and Little The real rig and the model.
2013-05-26-15-03-28 Custom Grain Trucks
Custom Silage Trucks and Trailers
Custom Harvesting Crews
027_zps6a3068b2 Custom Service Trucks and More
285713_391642137550083_1838845725_n Custom Trailers
2014-04-05 16.43.12 Made it Myself