CA Grain Bed Print ready stl files



When you’re ready to print your own 3D model grain beds or order multiple 3D printed parts at one time, these STL files will make it a breeze! They contain all the specifications we use for our 3D printed parts, so they’re proven to get you the desired result.

After checking out, you will land on a page with links you can click on to download the files.

What’s included in the Rockin H Grain Bed Print-Ready STL file bundle, 3D printing specifications for:


  • CA22 Grain Bed
  • CA20 Grain Bed
  • CA18 Grain Bed
  • CA18 Mounting Frame
  • CA20/22 Mounting Frame
  • 18 Roll Over Tarp Frame
  • 20 Roll Over Tarp Frame
  • 22 Roll Over Tarp Frame
  • Hoist

Each file should be downloaded and stored on your computer immediately as these links will expire in 30 days.


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