Donahue style combine trailer



Donahue combine trailers are designed to make it easy to load farm implements for transport.

The Rockin H Donahue style combine trailer has folding ramps that tilt down for loading and back up for transport. The ramps must be attached with small wire. This 3D printed 1:64 replica is great for a retro look for any model farm. The tough resin provides great durability and detail for this essential piece of farm equipment.

Wheels and tires are also included in the kit and can be attached with 1/16″ rod. Wheels may need drill out with a 1/16″ bit.
Combines made by ERTL that fit this trailer: IH 1460, John Deere 7720, New Holland TR combines.

This trailer is not for child’s play.

Additional Information:

Weight: .2 lbs
Dimensions: The Rockin H Donahue Style Combine Trailer measures 1/4 inch tall x 2 1/4 inches wide x 5 13/16 inches long


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