MA36 Chain floor silage trailer


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The MA36 is a great variation of trailer. The smooth sides offer an excellent place to add decals or custom paint jobs. 

Each kit comes with a trailer body and silage racks wired to the body. Options include chrome 10 hole wheels, 2 hole buds in white, or no wheel options.

If the silage racks arrive warped, heating the plastic with a hairdryer and holding in place until cool will straighten them easily.

Endgates may need some sanding to remove leftover resin from printing. 

Trailers now come with DOT striping.

All items are 3D printed in SLA resin giving each piece a smooth finish without being brittle. 


Additional information

Wheel style

White 2 Hole Buds, White 5 Hole Buds, Chrome 10 Hole, No wheels


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