Q and A Monday – Where do I buy paint

“Eric where do you buy paint?”

I use Model Matster/Testors from Hobby Stores, good old spray paint from farms type stores, and lately I have had remarkable luck with NAPA. Example, I needed Chevy Competition yellow (I had no paint code either). This particular shade of yellow is called several different names by GM. A 10 minute search on Google yielded a paint code, GM WA-9414. I called NAPA and asked if they could mix up a small amount. NAPA’s minimum amount is a pint, way too much for a  1/64 scale T800 Kenworth. The parts man offered to have it put in a spray can. “You can do that?!!” Yes the paint is mixed in Kansas City and shipped out to my local store. This phone call and order was placed on 11/10/14, the paint arrived at our local store on 11/11/14! At cost of $5.69 for a can of paint that would allow me to shoot 50 small trucks!

When calling about special paints a paint code is an absolute must. If that is not found the job is much more difficult to find. Some truckers and folks have special colors mixed by local body shops which you may or may not be able to purchase. I have called body shops and truck repair shops trying to uncover paint codes or get a small amount. This works some times and some times not. Also, some paints are offered in certain formats that do not allow them to be in a rattle can such as GM Medium Blue. I had a small can of that mixed up to replicate my Grandpa’s 71 GMC. That was a no go in aerosol.

Thanks for the question.

Good luck building and keep creating!

PS – if special paint is mixed and a way to apply it is needed, check out my video where I evaluated the Preval Spray Gun