Are you ready for a Rockin H weekend? I know I am, here is why.

If you followed Rockin H on Facebook April 5th then you know all about Rockin H Live here in Dodge City. To recap, I have received comment like “hey I’d like to learn from you”, or “I wish I could see how you build customs”.

I’m a teacher at heart (former FFA Advisor and Ag Teacher) and the idea of teaching people what I know has intrigued me for a long time. One thing led to another and Rockin H fans had an opportunity to come to Dodge and learn everything I know. Thus, on April 5, Garrett, Tom, Matt came to Dodge and did an amazing amount of work! See the pics below.

I was not sure what to expect when I was planning all this and had 10 openings. It was a blessing I did not fill all 10 spots. If 10 people had done the amount of work 3 did I would have been short on everything. Luckily this event was great practice the next one.

For me personally, the weekend was monumental. My goal was to teach and build confidence. I did not realize I would have so much fun. When 3 of us gathered Friday night we did not really know where to start. One prompt from me, “what are do you want to build this weekend” kicked it off and away the guys went until 11 PM. Tom strolled in about the time the first two were leaving and we chatted until midnight.

Saturday started at 9 AM and the guys did not waste anytime. They picked up right where they left off. When glue or paint was drying they started other projects to get as much done as possible. Again my role was to help, guide and teach which pleased me greatly. Too see there confidence and skill grow in such a short time was awesome.

As promised, a steak dinner was served up at noon in the shop. That stop lasted about 25 minutes and Garrett was up and back to work. INSANE! I figured we would set around and shoot the bull for awhile. Man was I wrong. Within 35 from minutes from setting down everyone was up and working again.

Buy 3 PM Projects were beginning completion stages. Paint was drying, basic parts assembled, and in some cased final assembly was taking shape. At 4:30 or so Garrett was ready to head home and Tom followed him out at 5 PM. Matt had a couple items that needed a bit of coaching yet so we worked until 5:45 PM then he headed home as well.

The whole weekend for me was a huge blessing. The fellowship and the kick *** customs that went home with these guys was a fantastic. I am definitely planning for another Rockin H Live Weekend in March 2015 to avoid any possible farming activities that may be taking place. Of course with spring break kicking off in March that may not be great either but it has to happen. So plan for March 2015.

If you are still in doubt whether or not you should join this event, listen to what these guys have to say in their own words.

  •  I’ll be back without a doubt. A great learning experience. It upped my confidence to start tackling some bigger projects. – Tom Mobley
  • It was a blast. Got a lot of models finished and had some great conversations too. – Garrett Mauch
  • It was a great learning experience, I would like to do it again and it boosted my confidence to tackle bigger experiments!!! – Matt Anderson
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L to R: Garrett Mauch aka Mauch Farms Display, Matt Anderson, Tom Mobley