Review of the Generation II 1/64 scale Scissor Hoist

The Generation II scissor hoist for end dump trucks has been out for a year. With a number of these hoists in the hands of custom builders I asked Tony Dixon to give the Rockin H Gen II hoist and mounting frame a review. This time there are two reviews in one post due to the parts being closely associated and normally used together.

I gave Tony the parts in exchange for the review but was keen to avoid influencing him by giving assembly advice or coaching of any kind. If you have comments for Tony or myself please post them in the comment box.

Review of the Rockin H Gen II Scissor Hoist

My initial response when opening this kit was that this was yet another out of the park hit for Rockin H farm Toys. Arriving in blue strong and flexible plastic I decided it would need minimal painting to meet my needs and the detail of the components were outstanding.

Once I removed the component parts from the sprews I carefully clearanced the mounting and assembly holes by hand with a 1/16 drill bit you must be careful with this step due to the thin nature of the parts. Once the holes were clearanced I hand painted the ram and hydraulic cylinder body being as these are the only parts I wanted painted. After the paint had dried I assembled the hoist using some 1/16 styrene rod which I had on hand, also using 1/16 styrene rod to mount the hoist to the MA-18 dump body and Rockin H mounting frame.

Overall I give this kit

10/10 on accuracy and appearance
7/10 on ease of assembly

This kit a outstanding and is designed to complement the Rockin H bed kits and I would recommend the hoist kit to anyone using one of the beds or scratch building anything that would use a scissors style hoist.

 Review for the Rocking H mounting frame for the Grain/Silage beds

This is yet another piece of outstanding work from Rockin H and is designed to work in conjunction with the Rockin’ H beds and hoist kits.

The frame came in black which increased the speed and ease of installing the Rockin H bed on my 72 GMC project.

The frame is a universal mount for the Rockin H bed but is specifically produced for the 20′ beds and will need to be shortened on the front end to be used with a 18′ bed, which was easily accomplished with a razor saw. I did have to touch up the end that I cut off with a little black paint to cover the fact that the black was not completely through the plastic. Once the frame was shortened to the proper length I cleaned up the mounting holes by hand with a 1/16″ drill bit and assembled it to the MA-18 bed and hoist using 1/16″ styrene rod.

On a side note depending on the truck, frame, and bed kits you are using there may be modifications necessary to install the kit.

Overall I give the kit

10/10 appearance
9/10 ease of assembly