Review of the Rockin H 18′ rollover tarp frame

The Rockin H Roll Over Tarp Frame is a fairly straight forward 3D printed part. However, when Tony Dixon said he had a review of one ready to go I asked him if I could publish it. Eager for feedback I am delighted to present the Review of the Rockin H 18′ rollover tarp frame.

This simple 1 piece assembly that I would recommend to anyone using a 18′ dump body from Rockin H for a grain body or building anything that would need a tarp kit. ¬†Available in scale 18′, 20′, and 22′ lengths it only needs painted to ones liking. To me the kit resembles a Shur-Lok brand assembly.

After prepping and painting the part in the way outlined in a earlier review I installed the tarp frame using a small amount of CA glue on the 4 corners.

Overall I give the kit a 10/10 its strait forward and easy to deal with.

20′ tarp frame shown