Rockin H Interview with Doug Lee ~ Comparison of Shapeways and Imaterialize

3D Printing the Smart Way

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3D printing is the wild west and 1/64 scale model builders are creating like mad which is totally cool. Not only are we now getting models and parts that have never been produced before, new businesses are springing up everywhere. Plus, model builders a able to create variations and speed up the building process. It is a great time to be alive!

3D Printing Companies Comparison

With all this technology there are tons of unanswered questions and people are all over the map with what they know. For those model builders further in front, has been one of the primary printing companies people have chosen to use. But, it is not the only company.

Rockin H did the unthinkable and sold the STL files of one of our most popular beds, the MA series. These files allowed buyers the ability print their own MA beds at cost versus retail in the Rockin H Shapeways shop. Plus, buyers could create a store and go into business overnight, a huge advantage for those wanting to take model building to a new level.

Doug Lee contacted Rockin H with information about another company 3D printing. His information was so valuable I asked if we could chat so readers could benefit from his knowledge. In this short video Doug and I chat about his experience and what he has learned about 3D printing.

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Updated September 2019