Still no self made men…or women

A couple weeks ago I discussed my firm belief we do not achieve greatness in a vacuum. No it takes others who believe in our cause or see a spark in us that give us the nudge(s) along the way. One way to get a bit of a nudge is to seek out help. Thus, I related my story of using as a place to outsource work I can do but I do not need to do myself.

Another resource to help out entrepreneurs, whether it be kick butt models or other endeavors, is Fiverr has become a favorite of mine. I mean, where else can you get really great stuff for $5?? Nowhere! To give a sample of I use fiverr I have a short list:

Video intros

Graphic art

3D drawing


How it works. Decide what thing it is you want done. My primary reason to go to fiverr was video intros to give my tutorials a more professional look. Open an account, in the search bar type in what is desired like, video intros. Then, find something you like. An opening gig is $5 for some sort of canned item with our preferred content in it. Every person I have hired has two options to up sell by adding features or reduce the delivery time.

About every gig I have purchased has been $5 with the exception of graphic art. I sent a PM to an artist and asked if he would be interested in complicated trucks graphics. He responded yes and that each graphic would be $5 in the format I desired. For $15 I received high quality images I could make decals from.  One caveat, I had the images produced to go on a 1/64 Freightliner COE. The decals did not fit perfect but the artist was working from an image with no actual dimensions. I have found the more information I provide the better the result.

When selecting someone to work for us fiverr works just like Amazon. There is a rating system from other users and feedback can be left. As mentioned my experiences have been very good. The only iffy situation was I hired a person in Spain to listen to a video tutorial of mine on youtube and transcribe what I said. She did well enough but I had to spend an hour fixing weird words and cleaning up the file in general. I’d criticize her but the audio was not the best. Needless to say it was only an OK product. At $5 though you get what you pay for in some instances.

My greatest use of fiverr has been  video intros. They really kicked up my videos several notches. I have no capacity whatsoever to create what I bought, and all for $5 each. At that price I will by that kind of item all day long and for more than business use too.

If this post has been helpful please leave a comment and share it. Feel free to add to this post with resources not sited here. So many ways to increase our efforts with valuable resources.