5th wheel tandem axle combine trailer




The Rockin H tandem axle single combine trailer is designed to look like the real thing going up and down the harvest trail. Desinged to look like a Trailtech and related brands, this trailer will make a great addition to the model farm. 

This trailer kits come in two versions. The first is a permanent open position which is perfect for trailers that will set on a shelf. For collectors looking for added detail, a second version with folding outriggers is available. Assembly is required

Each trailer comes with 3D printed wheels, tires, and ramps which are wired to the trailer body. 

To assemble the trailers, 1/16th in rod can be used for axles. Wheels holes may need drilled out a bit for the rod. Smaller diameter rod can be used to attach ramps and the out riggers. 

The trailer is 2 3/8″ with outriggers open, wide, 6 3/4″ long. The trailer is 1 1/2″ wide when outriggers are folded in. 

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Always Open, Working outriggers


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