10 Common 1.64 Layout Questions and Answers

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1. What kind of styrofoam do you use and where do you get it?

Foam board insulation for homes. It can be purchased from Home Depot, Lowes, a lumber yard, just about anywhere.

2. What do you make a farm layout out of? 

It can be made on plywood or foam board. 

3. Where do you get grass?

Grass for layouts can be static grass or even indoor outdoor carpet.

4. What do you paint it?

Paint a layout can be done with any paint of choice. Select the colors desired for the look that is wanted. 

5. Where do you get buildings?

Buildings can be found by searching 1/64th scale building on Google. There are various choices for homes, out buildings, machine sheds in kit and pre-assembled. 

6. What can I use for gravel?

Railroad ballast from Woodland Scenics is a convenient choice and comes in a variety of colors. Sifting gravel or sand from playgrounds, gravel roads is a very economical choice too.

7. What do you use for dirt? 

Sifted dirt from a yard garden or field is a great way to get soil. It can purchased online as well.  

8. What is the cheapest way to make a grass field?

Use indoor outdoor carpet and use spray glue to glue it down

9. Where can I get round straw bales?

Round bales in a variety of colors and sizes can be purchased from dealers on Facebook and toy vendors online.

10. When can I get decals?

Various decal vendors can be found online. On this page there is a list of vendors that make stock and custom decals

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