Rockin H 379 Peterbilt Build along

A number of fellows on Facebook have asked me when the 379 Peterbilt build along lessons will resume. I am delighted to report I thiiiiiink we will be able to resume next week and knock this project out.

If you recall, I printed my own decals using an APLS printer I own. This particular printer is not like your ink jet setting in your home. The difference is the ability to print a white spot color, then print the colors of the logo and pinstripes on top of the white. I have not found a desktop printer or laser printer that will print on clear decal paper and produce decals that will be visible on dark colored trucks, combines, or tractors.

As of this writing I secured another printing company out of Arizona to print my art work. The company specializes in train decals.  I simply do have the correct knowledge to use the equipment I bought Grrrr. I will hopefully over that hurdle this month.

Check out my FAQ page for a whole list of companies I found that print decals that will give us the very best results.

I used Cedarleaf Custom Decals I found in my research. Be aware, I have have not received the work so who knows what I will get. I will report, and you will see, what the finished product looks like.

FYI – the total decal cost thus far:

Art work bought at $37.50
My own printing costs $5.00
Printing expense and set up fee to Cedarleaf:
File preparation for full color/silver printing $27.50
Full color page printing $28.50
Total including mailing $56.00
                                                            total decals $98.50

Now, you might be wondering why in the world I would drop this kind of money on decals? I am one picky son of a …. I mean, I am picky when it comes to making a memory. The final lesson of this series I will unveil the finished models and go through every expense and what I charged the client for this build.

I will send you an email with the updated lessons as soon as I have the decals in my possession. I am certain we can wrap this up in 2 more lessons and these bad boys will be headed to Coby KS. Don’t forget this is secret if you forgot:)

Finally, in the lessons I mentioned another build along I will offer. Earlier this year I posted photos of midroof IH 9900 trucks that were quite popular. Since then I have secured a case of these trucks and will be offering a special build along opportunity in early 2016. If you would like to receive information about these classes and how to get in on it, subscribe to the Build Along email list. This will be information that the regular newsletter will not receive. I will be sending out a few more opportunities to sign up during December.