3D Printing the Smart Way – Part 4 Print Store

Updated September 2019

3D Printing the Smart Way

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Products have been submitted, received, tested and now you want to sell them to the world. There are choices with this process as well. Let’s do 3D printing the smart way and set up a store!

Setting up a 3D Print Store

Traditionally most store fronts operate on this concept. Create a product, buy a bunch at wholesale and store it in a warehouse, basement, or garage depending on your size. Then mark it up and resell it on websites or physical stores. With 3D that idea is no longer the only way to resell items we create. This is brilliant for small businesses or hobbyists where capital may not exist in great supply. You can open a Shapeways store. See the Rockin H Store Here. The process is pretty simple and the tutorials walk you through with ease. A Paypal account is necessary and some thought must be given to the name of the store as it cannot be changed once created. For a small percentage, Shapeways takes care of the entire transaction on your behalf including shipping! Simply upload awesome 3d print files, create the store, mark up the items and enjoy passive income.

Create a 3D Print Store On Your Own Website

I would prefer to host the items on my own site to control the brand and customer experience but that would require me to keep inventory which I simply do not want to fund at this time. Shapeways allows users to integrate products on our own websites with HTML code we can copy and paste into our sites and some social media too. When we integrate products, Shapeways continues to produce the items and ship them. People on your website shopping will make selections and check out through Shapeways just as before but everything looks like your own brand. This is a great way to control the customer experience and promote your own brand without having to keep inventory. 

Next up: What to do when you think you know it all. I only thought I was smart. A few lessons I learned in the next installment.

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Updated September 2019