Could Your Hobby Become a Business?

Could your hobby turn into a business? Really, could it? I am living my dream, you can too. Rockin H was recently featured in an Episode 41 of the Conquer Your Cryptonite podcast and I want you to here the tips to turn your passion into profits. Rockin H is mentioned in the first few minutes with the balance of time dedicated to helping you determine if your hobby could turn into a viable business. This information is excellent and will help you decide if this is what you want to do.

For context let me tell you how Rockin H made the podcast. 2014 was my best year so far. Financially my goal was to double my income. As of 12-31-14 I was a $100 shy of tripling it! Video views went up and I was able to publish more content to help readers build awesome models. It was a great year.

Looking at 2015 I did not want to lose any momentum and knew I had a few short comings that needed to be patched up to achieve my 2015 goals. This lead me to business coach James Woosely of Conquer Your Cryptonite. I wanted accountability so I stayed on track and my creative side that can be distracted easily…oh look a status update on facebook…oh ummm where was I?

Listen to the podcast here

Right distracted easily. I met James in another group I belong to and posed a request for a group of like minded people that wanted plan out their 2015 goals and hold ourselves accountable to them. In December of 2014 we went through a process to map out our year with short and long term goals. James proposed a paid service he provides for those of us wanting to excel. The first quarter of 2015 myself and small group of entrepreneurs had weekly phone calls lead by James. The sole purpose was weekly accountability so we accomplished what we planned to do.

Our calls began with an invitation to share, briefly, what we did and if we achieved our weekly goal. Then share the following weeks goal and share what we needed from the group. One thing I asked the group for was results from Facebook ads. Organic reach has dried up and I thought Facebook ads would be an avenue to engage my audience. I experimented a few times with adds which worked. Score 1 for Rockin H.

I am thrilled to be featured on the podcast as this creates another opportunity to help readers reach their dreams. Do give this the session a listen then leave a comment sharing your desire to turn your hobby into a business.

Listen to the podcast here


Talk to you next time.