How to Quit Giving up on Paint

How to Quit Giving up on Paint

Painting frustrations is the most common reason people give up on this great hobby, customizing diecast. 

What is the frustration here?

Before we get started, read The Beginner Guide to Painting Diecast, this will set us up for success. 

Also, it is worth saying once more about paint, spend all we can afford on paint. If all we can afford is discount store brands, use. We must realize though that discount store paints will give us the largest amount of trouble. It is not impossible to use, I have used a ton of low cost paint. However, if I have trouble with paint, it normally comes out of a low cost brand can.

An Unusual Problem

Here is an unusual problem that can cause a person to quit on paint. 

Notice the fender, see how dull it is? The fenders were shot with automotive grade paint, Electric Blue, mixed 1:1 with a reducer and shot through my airbrush. It was cured for 24 hours. Then, automotive grade tape was used to mask the fenders and a light coat of primer was applied. 

When the primer was dry, Toyota Bright White was shot over the primer and the rest of the parts approximately 30 minutes later. 

Tape was pulled when the white was dry. Notice the glossy roof cap, the fenders were the same glossy color until tape was pulled. What happened?

Curiously, the Electric Blue was a bit tacky. Not tacky enough it would stick to a surface, but noticeable when handled. This was after 24 hours of curing. Once the tape was pulled the tacky surface stuck to the tape causing the dull surface to show up. 

This has happened before when I have taped over this shade of blue. Luckily, once the clear coat is shot the bright shiny blue color is restored and the cab can be reassembled. 

Interestingly enough, another cab set was painted the same shade of blue the same day and it too was a bit tacky. This tacky feeling goes away once clear is shot. 

Why share this story?

These odd circumstances can cause a person to quit on painting models just the way we want them. Even when we use really good paint and prep our diecast the best we can, anomalies with paint, well out of our control, can arise causing us to doubt our abilities. 

Luckily in this case, anomalies are resolved once a clear coat is applied. 

Before we doubt our paint skills too much, I ask that we be forgiving with our abilities. Good paint is not difficult but weird things happen with paint. What I have shared here will alert you of something to look out for, but not worry too much about. 

When this happens, stay cool, take a deep breath, and follow the processes before quitting or throwing up hands in disgust. 

One other thing, it is just paint. All we are out of is a bit of time if our work does not meet our expectations. 

Ready to learn more? Read The Beginners Guide to Painting Diecast