I’ve been late to special events, driven hundreds of miles taking pictures and received many “what the hell are you doing looks” from the great men and a women that travel the plains harvesting our food. When I say I am a custom harvesting super freak that is a bit of an understatement. I even trained my kids to look for tell tail signs of cutter activity so we can find them and take pictures and video.

When wheat harvest is over all that is left to do is recreate what I took pictures of. Below are models that real harvesters commissioned and crews from my own imagination. If the sickness I described above affects your loved one the prescription is the Rockin H shop and tutorial section. Admit you have a problem and seek help. There is no shame admitting a 1/64 scale harvest crew on a desk or mantel will make life complete. Make it, make it today. In the mean time, enjoy the pics.