How to Start an Online Business

Side Hustle: How to Choose That’s Right For You What “side hustle” means I have a side hustle, do you? Seems like those two words, “side hustle” have been gaining tracking in the U.S. lexicon for a few years. Magazines, … Continue reading

3D Printing for Absolute Beginners

How 3D Printing works 3D printing is not a new technology. It has been around since the 80s but it never really caught on in the consumer market until the 2000s. What is this technology and how does it work? … Continue reading

Water Slip Decals – White vs. Clear back ground

Being involved in several diecast message boards on the web has me clarifying the same issue over and over regarding decals. There are a number of people that sell their custom decal service which I applaud. However, with only a … Continue reading

Servicing the harvest fleet – how to build a service truck

The Service Truck The service truck is where a model crew can really take on its own personality. The harvesters are using a huge variety and styles of trucks to keep the combines rolling and fueled up. A good service … Continue reading

How it’s made ~ IH 9900 on a DCP frame

Early this spring Steve asked me to create 3 mid roof IH 9900 cabs for him. Honestly I was a bit gun shy of this project as I was pretty full. The project sounded interesting as I had yet to … Continue reading

3D bumpers

Patrick asks about header trailer tires

Patrick has a question about header trailer tires. Here I give him several sources and ideas to give his trailers the cool look he wants. Thanks for watching. Leave your questions in the comment box.

Tyler asks if I have any deals

Tyler wants to know if I have any deals. Here I share what I do and where to get deals. How do you make drivelines? Share your method in the comments.

Tyler asks where he should buy paint

Buying paint can be confusing. Here I share where I buy all the paints I use for the models I spray. Where do you buy paint? Share your best place in the comments.

Walk asks about how to make drive shafts

Walt wants to know how to make drive shafts. In this episode I share my preferred material. And, an added bonus, check out this video I shot recently answering the same question. How do you make drivelines? Share your method … Continue reading