130 bbl Dragon Vacuum Trailer



This 42′, 130bbl trailer is styled after Dragon brand trailer found in oil country.

This trailer is reasonably simple to assemble. The most difficult part is separating the catwalk from the support cage and attaching to the trailer body. 

Wipe the piece with rubbing alcohol, prime and paint the color of choice, then add axles. 

All items are 3D printed in SLA resin giving each piece a smooth finish without being very brittle. 

Trailers come with DOT striping for the sides. 

The trailer measures 7 7/8″ long, 1 5/8″ wide, 1 1/8″ sidewall height


Additional information

Wheel style

White 2 Hole Buds, Chrome 2 Hole Buds, White 5 Hole Buds, Chrome 10 Hole, No wheels


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