359, 379, 389 Peterbilt heavy duty bumper


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The Rockin H 1/64 scale industrial bumper fits DCP 359, 379 and 389 Peterbilt trucks. This bumper features hinges that make the bumpers functional on these trucks.

The bumpers are designed to fit tight and will need an aftermarket rod to fit through the bumper hinge points and hood hinges. In addition, the holes in the pivot point may need drilled out for different size pins and rods. 

Choice of vacuum plated and raw are offered with the vacuum plated bumpers have a chrome look. The raw bumpers can be painted any color of choice.

Pro Tips:

  • Use a file or drill the holes out be hand. The hinge points can break.
  • Use a 1-72 x 1/4″ screw to reattach the bumper

Assembly video:

Additional information

Bar Style

389 Chrome Vertical, 389 Chrome Horizontal, 389 Raw Vertical, 389 Raw Horizontal, 379 Chrome Vertical, 379 Chrome Horizontal, 379 Raw Vertical, 379 Raw Horizontal, 389H Second, 389V Second


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