53′ Double Combine Trailer

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The Rockin H 53′ double combine trailer is based on real trailers used to haul two combines in the 90s through the early 2000s. These trailers are still in use, primarily, to haul a grain cart and tractor. 

These trailer kits come in kit form, assembly is required.

Each trailer comes with 3D-printed wheels, tires, and ramps which are wired to the trailer body. 

This trailer should be considered a shelf piece as there are two “pegs” under the trailer to support the weight of the models on the trailer. It has been discovered the distance from the kingpin to the first axle is too long to support the weight without the extra support. 

To assemble the trailers, 1/16th in rod can be used for axles. Wheels holes may need to be drilled out a bit for the rod.

Trailer dimensions:

  •  2 3/8″ wide, 10″ long – deck length 8 1/4″ long

** The trailer is considered a prototype and has a few errors. The kingpin did not print and the goose neck did not print clean. A piece of 3/32 pipe will be included for the king pin. The trailer will be corrected for versions 2.0.

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2 axle, 3 axle


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