Square Turn Signals



Not uncommon to lose or buy a truck without turn signals. These square turn signals can meet that need. 

These were designed as DCP (Diecast Promotions/First Gear) replacements for Kewnworth square turn signals and can be adapted to any 1/64 scale semi. 

These arrive in chrome with a long mounting peg. 

They cab purchases in

  • 1 set of two
  • 5 sets of two

Pro Tip:

  • Cut the signal with a sharp knife or flat sided side cutter as close to the wire or sprue as possible. This help in handling.
  • Cut the “tail” of the mounting peg shorter after mounted in the fender. Helps in glue and handling.
  • Use a paint pen to color the lens any color of choice.

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1 set, 5 sets


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